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Insurance work welcome

You may not need to deal directly with your home insurance provider as we’re often able to deal with them directly, helping to reduce your stress and worry at an already difficult time. You’ll have your own dedicated technician who’ll be able to assess the damage suffered by your home and make all the necessary repairs and liaise with your insurance company, so you don’t have to!


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Fire and flood damage restoration across Brighton and the surrounding areas

If you've suffered smoke damage due to a fire, get in touch with us for expert advice on how we can help.

Flood & fire damage restoration includes:

We're specialists in cleaning, restoration and damage management.

  • Water extraction

  • Property & building drying

  • Controlled and balanced contents drying

  • Cleaning & sanitising of buildings & contents

  • Specialist carpet & rug cleaning & restoration

  • Specialist document drying and restoration

  • Electrical item cleaning & restoration

  • Specialist furniture restoration & repair

  • Specialist tile & wood flooring cleaning & restoration

  • Carpet inspection & replacement

  • Mould remediation

Our water extraction techniques produce fantastic results. Call us for flood damage restoration:


0800 211 8666

The effects of fire or flood damage at your home can be devastating. At Chemdry Southdowns we can help elevate the stress that comes with restoring your property to its previous condition. Whether you’ve experienced small escapes of water or smoke damage to a sofa, you can be confident that, when you ask us to restore your property to its former glory, you’ll get exceptional service delivered quickly and efficiently.

A dining room submerged in water A front door and hallway carpet showing water damage A home that has been damaged by a flood